Saturday, February 8, 2014

weekend inspiration

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Cool girl chic; or, do I want to be blonde? Either way, these are my favorite pins from this week.   

Oh Blair how I long for your wardrobe!  Chucks are definitely on my spring list this year thanks to a lot of other totally awesome blogger ladies rocking them to no end.

Simple uniform with a pop of red lip.  Yes, please.  Perfect for a Sunday brunch, ahem, hungover?  I cannot wait for al fresco seating to come back in season...  please Mother Nature?  

FUR! I'm still obsessed and Krystin does it justice with a turtleneck, wide legs and fab hat.  
I gave my furs a break the past couple weeks but I assure you it's definitely not warming up any time soon and they will be back!

Here's a week at AT40BF - 

I'm still working on wearing all the pieces in my closet as displayed with this look
My red coat is become one of my favorite pieces. 
I recreated a favorite blogger's tweed and tulle look.
#NYFW is underway, here are a few looks I'd rock if I were there.
Giving a few tips on building your own workout

Happy Saturday, hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I love this, I like the first and second one, that red coat is gorgeous and the sunglasses in the second one is adorable!

  2. These are cute styles. Mmm I used to think fur was beautiful. Now I just feel bad looking at it! What those poor animals have to go through-it' just so sad.

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