Friday, March 21, 2014


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You may be thinking if I'm running I'm toning my legs.  Although that is the case it's also important to strengthen those muscles.  Some of the most common injuries that runners suffer from are caused by weak Glutes (that's your bum) and Quads (those are your thighs).   

This week we continue to focus on that 5K program and cross training to improve your running.  The above interval workout is a great start to strengthening those legs.  Some other options are to do weighted squats and deadlifts. 

The above video will help you if you've never done a proper squat before.   
Keep in mind, you don't have to do these weighted.  They are just as impactful if you do them with your body weight only or you can even hold a medicine ball to your chest.  

This guy is deadlifting a ton; you can easily do these with just a bar at your gym, hand weights at home, or even by bringing your hands in and grabbing a kettle bell or medicine ball.  Just be sure your back and leg form is good.  Use a mirror if you don't have a buddy! 

Give 2 miles a go this week.  Keeping with the 2 runs a week your first run should be 1-1.5 and the second 1.5-2.  

TGIF!! Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I can finally start doing some good workout stuff! I've mainly been doing leg stuff since I can't do ab stuff yet.


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