Monday, March 24, 2014

My Quick Beauty Routine

With the changing of the seasons and not having to hibernate any longer you want your skin to look as good as it can.  I'm definitely one who thinks less is more when it comes to makeup.  Although I do find myself plastering it on for special events, this is my go to every day beauty routine.  

At night I wash my "face" off with the Clinique Cleanser and apply the moisturizer and eye cream.  I have found that it works best with my skin and t-zone to use the clarifying lotion about once a week or every few days.  It'a a little harsh otherwise; if I were to use it I would prior to applying moisturizer. 

loreal bb cream in medium
elf blush bronzer combo
loreal volumizing mascara in jet black
eco tools brush (similar)

In the morning I simply wet my face in the shower (rinse off any residue from my workout) and pat dry.   I don't re-wash my face because I find that I don't need to.  However, if your face is super sensitive or oily then it may work for you to wash again.  
I first apply the blemish concealer if/as needed.    Then I follow with the BB Cream.   I love the Loreal BB Cream, but to be honest I never really tried any others so I am not a real good judge.  Do any of you have favorites?  

I use about a dime size dot and with my fingers apply evenly all over my face and eye lids.   Once my skin is sufficiently covered and blended I move on to the highlighting and concealing.  I use the concealer under my eye and to cover any spots the BB cream didn't.  Then I use a bit of the highlighter to do under my brow line and along the bridge of my nose.  
I follow with the mascara and blush. 

This is for the everyday.  It takes me about 5 minutes in the morning and about 5-10 mins at night.  Sometimes I mix in an avocado and oatmeal mask for exfoliating.  

What is your skin and beauty routine? Do you have any favorite products?


  1. I also use Cetaphil stuff! Their intense moisturizer is awesome in m opinion but I don't really ever try new brands.

  2. You look totally fresh and ready to go!
    Lately I've been washing my face once a day with Yes to Cucumbers milk cleanser, using an oil free moisturizer with sfp in the AM and finishing with a light oil absorbing powder. I've tried BB creams, but I have issues with them migrating all over my clothes.
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  3. I use the Garnier BB Cream. They have an oil free version which I really like!

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  4. You have the prettiest eyes!! I've never used a BB cream before except for some sample I got in a magazine once. It was orange. I need to find my shade!


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  5. You have really great skin! I'm so into less makeup, but maybe it's just that I'm still learning how to wear makeup.
    xo Adri

  6. You have such beautiful skin! I've never tried a BB cream, but I think I'll give it a go this Summer for a lighter coverage option!

  7. These are some great products, I'll have to try them out!


  8. Oh, this was fun! I like the Cetaphil moisturizer/sunscreen as well! I have tried BB creams and it made me break out, you seem to have no issues with this. What am I missing?!

  9. Great products. You have put together a great routine for skin care.

  10. Your skin is seriously flawless!! I am so jealous! So many great products and easy tips on getting ready fast and looking fab!! I wish BB creams worked for me...they always look great on everyone else.