Saturday, March 8, 2014

weekend inspiration

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Now that I've experienced a 45 degree March day I'm not only feeling a little brighter but I'm seriously craving spring style.  As if we weren't already, right?   I'm loving all the bold and soft colors around; really, anything goes here and to me that's what is most exciting.  

Is it warming up for you too? 
What spring styles are you craving most?

Here's a week at AT40BF - 
mixed up a poncho and introduced my new spring handbag
layered a plaid blanket scarf over my favorite striped blazer
teamed up with a blogger friend to show you two ways to style open toe booties this spring
the first in my spring trend series I round up my favorite floral blazers around the internets
In March I encourage you to get out and go for a run with my beginner 5K program

Have a beautiful and inspirational weekend friends!


  1. I'm really excited for sandals, I mean, I think my poor feet have been in boots forever at this point! I DID leave the house yesterday with no socks and ankle boots the other day, so there's that;)

  2. i can't wait for warmer weather and when i can wear some lighter colors and sandals!

    cute & little

  3. Beautiful inspiration! Forever longing for spring!

  4. I am craving spring too! So ready for it to get here!

  5. Love those pics!