Friday, March 7, 2014

{FITNESS FRIDAY} Beginner 5K Program

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Happy Friday Friends!
In March I want to encourage you to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and go for a run!  If you've been cooped up like me, then the cabin fever is ferocious and you could use a little fresh air. 

today I want to talk about a beginner 5K program.  There are a LOT of "couch to 5K programs" out there; however, being a runner with experience running these races I know you don't have to run a lot!  Over the next few weeks I will continue to recap on this technique of training.  We will talk about other things you can do to cross-train on your running and how many miles or minutes you would like to run for.  
All you need is clothes that you can move comfortably in and running sneakers.  
A really good pair of running sneakers is definitely an investment.  I suggest going to your local Fleet Feet or a running or sportswear store nearby and having them fit you for a shoe.  If they're equip to do so, they will likely have you jog for a few minutes on a treadmill and evaluate your running from behind.  Sounds strange, right?  What they're looking for is what kind of support in your shoe you'll need.   Some people run flat and don't need any kind of side to side support, some run in the insides of their feet and so need support there and some run on the outside of their feet and so need support there.  

I would then use Map My Run to map out a route.  Unless you have some kind of GPS device.  I use the Nike Tracking App for iPhone.   What is cool about that, if you've never used it before, is it tracks your pace, distance and calories burnt (if you so desire).   It also logs your runs so you don't have to remember what you did last time!   I've never had an android phone so I'm not certain if the app is available for that platform; but, if you are able to download it do it, you won't regret it with all the great features it has. 

Week 1 - Two short runs, .5-1 mile each.   Preferably about 3 days apart.  If you're completely new to running and find it difficult to run for 5-10 minutes without stopping it is more than acceptable to run for a minute and walk for 30 seconds.  Be sure that you are always making the walking interval less time that the running interval so that your body doesn't fully recover.  You will never build endurance that way! 
Between those running days I would suggest doing weight training your comfortable with and/or Pilates or Yoga

Next week we will talk about what kinds of weight training and yoga compliment running the best. 

Also, thinking of making this a weekly linkup - any feedback on that? Let me know what you think!!

Run on, friends, run on!

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  1. Getting fitted for running shoes was definitely an odd experience. Looking forward to some cross-training tips, I'm starting to get a handle on running but I'm a little worried I'm going to get burnt out on the elliptical on my non-running days.