Saturday, February 19, 2011

saturday thoughts...

So as NYFW has come to an end and LFW has commenced I sit in my apartment, taking a break from the much needed tidying, to watch a few minutes of "Can't Buy Me Love'.  Just looking at the fashion, the harim pants, the long skirts... it's interesting how fashion history repeats itself. 

One of the blog ladies I follow in England has been/will be keeping us all informed on what is going down all week.  Check her out!!  

Whats on the plate today?  Well, finishing tidying up - starting with myself :)  It seems to be really crummy out but, I have been put in charge of doing the gift baskets for my sister's baby shower - so I need to venture out into the cold, blustery weather and finish shopping.  I'm almost done obtaining all of the items I need, just need to pick up the actual baskets and a few more contents items.    Chris has a kickboxing fight later (hopefully I can get some good photos).  So, I need to take him to go weigh in and then re-hydrate and get lunch.  The fights start at 6 and then his roommate is throwing the second annual birthday party for our 16th President Abe Lincoln.   It's going to be quite a night!!  And I can't believe I'm going to say this but I have no plans for tomorrow!!! Yippie!!  :)

stay warm loves.


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