Saturday, February 5, 2011

play photographer...

I'm really enjoying this camera and all it's features.  

1. The Little Theater
2. Spicy Tuna @ Shiki
3. Tempura Roll @ Shiki

Chris and I had "Date Night" on Friday.  We went to dinner at this adorable little bistro pizza place called Veneto, enjoyed some delicious rossoto balls, mushroom pizza, and wine.   After dinner we moved on down the road to The Little Theater/Cafe, and enjoyed a glass of wine and live jazz music while we waited for our movie to start.  We saw Black Swan.  Both of us have mixed feelings about the film, he feels as if they ripped off "Fight Club" and I was amazed by the dancing and Natalie Portman's performance, however, was a little disturbed by the premise.  I can appreciate all creative views of things and it's certainly a conversation piece after viewing.  But, it's not exactly something I'd feel comfortable watching or talking about with mixed company.   Regardless, it was a very fun evening!  :) 

Today I went with Chris to see a litter of dogs, one of which he will be taking home the beginning of March.  They are ADORABLE (see below).  
After I met Cait and Wendy out for delicious sushi.  
Ok off to the bar... enjoy. 

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