Wednesday, February 9, 2011

to be 9 again....

Tonight at class my little dear one MacKenzie came dressed in style and with lots of stories.   I always enjoy hearing about their little lives, what's going on at school, at home, what their sibling did to them..etc.   It's always a good story that starts out "Guess what Miss Nina.."  and ends with my startled expression and a big "WOW!" 

This class she came in explaining why she was so hyper!  From what I could catch, she was speaking faster than light, the boy she likes said hi to her today, she singing the Hallelujia Chorus in chorus, and she has these leg warmers her grandma got her for Christmas that already have the holes for your heel in them!!   How great is that?   I mean, although I'd love to promote not putting holes in your clothing, it's something that is unavoidable in Irish dance! 

So, here's a picture of my dear friend.  She sure made me laugh tonight - even if they were bouncing off the walls. 

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