Tuesday, February 15, 2011

busy bees...

Oh hello Tuesday, sorry I disappeared for a few days.  I had a crazy busy weekend!  Friday night Chris and I went to enjoy a few drinks at Lovin' Cup.   I love the ambiance in there, it's so adorable, welcoming, yet incredibly loud as well.  There was a band playing, and I'd say that's the only downside to that place.  We were practically screaming at eachother over the band.   Still we had a good time and the wine/beer/food selection is great. 
Saturday, I manned the desk at the studio in the morning and then Chris and I just ran around doing errands.   Sunday we went to the gym and then to my parents house for dinner.  :)   Always great to see my family.   Chris and I enjoyed a very quiet evening at my apartment drinking delicious wine and eating some yummy food for Valentine's Day.  I'd say it was perfect even :)

So this week is for detox, and I have to do the gift baskets for my sister's baby shower :) which is coming up quite fast. 

Spring's around the corner.... but don't look for it too soon!

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