Tuesday, February 8, 2011

consumed with technology...

My new iPhone came yesterday and well, I've been completely captivated by it. 
Making sure I have all the apps I'll need/want, etc.  It's very exciting.  Poor Chris had to sit there and watch me fumble through this, he's had an iPhone for years. But me, being on the VZW network, just had the opportunity to buy one!  It's pretty fun.  

All the lovely blog ladies I follow are all getting amped up for London Fashion Week... I wish I lived in NY or London for events like that.  Even though it's completely out of the realm of possibility, it's fun to imagine...or maybe walk outside the tents trying to peek in.   The weather here is just making me depressed and sick with cabin fever.  It's finally hitting me.  This arctic tundra of a city doesn't even allow my psyche to DRESS for work let alone think about being at Fashion Week.  

Well I guess I should cook dinner and clean up a bit, in my sweats that is.

stay warm

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