Sunday, June 26, 2011

retail therapy

For a few weeks now we've been planning this extravagant shopping day... well, that turned into "ok, let's just hit Marshall's and call it a day".   We ate brunch at Mt Hope Diner and then headed over to the Pittsford Marshall's; "they have better shoes" we decided.   Well, they definitely do!   There is nothing like, trying on things you'll never buy (like those little oxford flats above, or that orange dress I thought would be funny to try on).   I even had a couple "whoa, what is this?" moments - see the multicolored shoes with gold soles and blue/silver leopard bubble dress.   It's most definitely better shopping with your girlfriends - we feed off of eachother, and throw clothes across aisles yelling "this would look great on you" and "here, you don't have any of this color".   We end up trying on copious amounts of clothes we'll never buy, and in my case, only walk out with a pair of shoes and a shirt.  (Mar and Wendy had much better luck).  I find my body is hard to fit into the latest trends, I don't think I'll go shopping alone again.  Because, although I know what's in style, I rarely have the time or TAKE the time to try things on and a second opinion is always the best.  

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