Sunday, June 19, 2011

fun in the sun...

The weather this weekend was the epitome of summer.  Even though the summer solstice hasn't quite hit us yet (June 21st), the past two days have been absolutely luscious.   I was actually able to get out my summer halter top, which is so light, cool, and perfect for a sun filled day!  Saturday was exactly that - we started at the Rochester Public Market.  That is where the shots were taken above, from coffee at Java's, the open area's and meat market.  Nowadays there are tons of flower, clothing, accessory, "anything you need for your house" vendors out as well!  It's always fun and relaxing to walk around and enjoy the outdoors, the music from local musicians, the eclectic people, and of course the grocery and sometimes apparel shopping.   
In the afternoon we went to the dog park with friends.  There were probably 20 other people with their dogs there, it was pretty cool.  I bet Malu had an amazing time running around with all his new friends.  It was awesome to just relax in the sun with friends.  
We had bought a TON of food to grill up at the market that morning so we feasted on that after the dog park.  

Every year Rochester holds it's annual Jazz Festival, where they bring in big names (Natalie King Cole, Elvis Costello this year...among others) to play for a cost or sometimes for free...   G Love and Special Sauce was playing last night for free at one of the stages in the outskirts of the city.   It was amazing - and there were so many people there, I mean, who can resist free live music?  Especially when it's a good, well known, band.   

To wrap up the weekend we spent today out at my parents for Father's day.  It was great to see my nephew Romeo, my sisters, mom and of course my dad.  It was a perfect day for dogs and burgs on the grill, tuna mac salad, and grilled veggies.  

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!

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