Sunday, June 12, 2011

sunday splender...

Traditionally Sunday was deemed a day for rest and worship.  In honor of that, above are some shots from Ireland.   One of the magnificent churches we visited, the first church of St Patrick and a cemetery along our travels through the north.  

How do I spend my Sundays?   Usually forcing myself to sleep in a bit past 7am, cooking breakfast or enjoying a local diner and the occasional hike or run.   Today I did just that!   After relaxing and enjoying some eggs, bacon, fruit, and coffee with Chris, I met up with my friend Dana for a run through Durand Eastman Park.  It was so beautifully quiet and peaceful on the path and through the woods.   We decided to make it our Sunday routine; since we no longer work together, or live together... it's rare we can spend quality time.   This will be just the ticket to keeping on the "up and up".   

This afternoon I'm excited to drive out to my parents house (approx 30 miles away from the City of Rochester), relax by the pool, and see my sisters and nephew!  It will truly be the perfect ending to a splendid weekend.

How do you spend your Sundays?

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