Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I just got back to my apartment after a somewhat exhausting hour of class.  Tonight was the first night back after Holiday break and much like I guess they were at school all day, the kids were wound for sound.  I'm happy to be home enjoying my class of vino, however thinking back they are a hoot.  For instance, this little gentlemen here jumping with his crazy arms that Mary (and me, too!) would disapprove of, was the source of some headaches for sure.   See, we have our competitive and performance classes separate.   From a scheduling perspective it's a total nightmare.  From a teaching perspective it couldn't be more perfect of a set up.   
Today was not only the first day back from Holiday break, but my deadline (as the teacher of the majority of the performance program this year) for a spot in the recital and shows come St Patrick's Day.   I had a few students who had been solely taking Mary's competitive program join my class tonight... Truly, these kids are wonderful even if they make me go a little crazy now and again.  
They couldn't wait to ask me what Santa brought me and tell me what they'd gotten under the tree as well...  

 Mr Leo must have misunderstood me, as I haven't really been a presence in his classes, when I said "we don't mess around in my class, we work hard so that come St Patrick's Day we look amazing".  
I did try to put it in a language he'd understand - 
"Miss Nina is like the Hulk - you won't like her when she's angry" 

Maybe it was something in the air, or we're close to a full moon.  Maybe it was just that first day back - those first day giggles, wiggles, and misbehavior.   

Somehow we did manage to teach the 4 new entries the Choreography thus far... I was amazed!  They work so hard (most of the time). 

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