Thursday, January 5, 2012

it begins..

It's a new year, and some would say that gives you new beginnings...    It's been almost exactly 1 year since I attempted the TCRG exam for the first time and was successful in all but one section... 
Last night was my beginning of my next attempt.  The flights, hotel and rental car are booked.  Both Kelly and I are fiercly emailing eachother about travel plans and teaching material.  Worried whether we have it right this time, we're still excited to go and have another opportunity at obtaining the most meaningless acronym to the world; yet, the most meaningful to us. 

I've got my chart, I've only got a few holes in which some steps need to be brought back to the front of my memory.  I need to be sure my dancing is up to par.  So, last night I attempted to dance in Mary's class...  2 drills in I literally though I was going to yack everywhere and ended up going home. 
Kelly said "great role model".  She's right, what a schmuck I must have looked like.  I make these kids do hours of drills and it appeared as though I couldn't even survive 5 minutes.  
I will, of course, try again next week; and tonight, and this weekend :)  To redeem myself.

Until then...  

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