Monday, January 30, 2012

in 3 days...

I leave for California, AH!  I cannot believe it's nearly here already!  I'm not really only feeling moderately prepared, but positive about the fact that I am a good teacher.  I just have to show them that!   I'm so grateful to have Kelly with me again this year and to not be alone.  Last year when I received my email telling me I had been "unsuccessful", I felt so defeated...   But, reflecting back I realized all the things I could have done better - mostly, commanded the room.  I had zero self confidence and control...  which is so unlike me.   
All my steps are ready to go, and I've practiced a few times.   I will be doing a dry run with Wendy and some students tomorrow night... Eep! :)

This exam is the hardest most terrifying thing I'll ever do in my life.  If I can conquer this, I can do anything.. 

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