Thursday, January 12, 2012

Week of class...

This week Mary and I swapped classes. It was a nice change of pace to teach the competitive classes, and quite motivating for me since I'm preparing for my redo section. I realized that I remember a lot more steps than I had originally thought. Which is refreshing after the panic I had this previous weekend.
I had careful instructions from Mary on what to drill and for how long (she knows me so well, that I need a plan, a schedule to keep). About half way through the list, the poor kids just looked whipped. Like they had just ran a marathon.
I'm not good at faking the fluff so when Gwyn asked me if her arms were better after she had done her hornpipe again I said, "no, I'm sorry everyone looks as if they've just ran a marathon".
They all kind of laughed in a way that said, "please spare us more!" the toughest thing is to convince the kids to continue to give 100% when I too, am extremely exhausted...

We had fun, though and the parents thanked me for pooping them out!

I'm taking the weekend off of studying my steps. Heading to Vermont tomorrow to visit Chris, epic tale to follow no doubt - I'm hoping to use my snowshoes for the first time and maybe learn to snowboard....

Stay tuned!

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