Tuesday, January 24, 2012

little talents...

In my preparation to retake my exam, I have to be sure I have steps of an appropriate range of levels...  By doing this I am haphazardly learning or re-learning steps from the competitive program.  Price I pay for not being at that class weekly, brain fart central.   Mary had sent me some videos of the new slip jigs.  One of which was made up with one of our students, Gwyn.  Now, something you need to know about Gwyn is, that she's my little student.  She started a few years ago with us, but was unavailable during the normal class time for her age group.  She took private lessons with me all year, her mom even joined in and I choreographed a 2-Hand for them for the recital.   So, needless to say she's near and dear to my heart.  

Tonight I asked her to teach me her slip jig she choreographed with Mary - the look on her face was priceless.  I could see it meant a lot to her that I had asked.  I have to tell ya, it's a beautiful step!!  I'm very excited to have it in my repertoire

back to practicing...

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