Wednesday, January 19, 2011


 After traveling for 12 hours, eastern time... I have arrived in Los Angeles, California.  I am now enjoying the sun that is pouring into my room from the double doors that open up to the not so great view of the top of a tree and the pool.  

I met a new friend, her name is Hailey and we got some awesome taco's at a place not far from the Hacienda Hotel where the exam is, and where I'm staying.   I'm waiting for Kelly to get there and then more preparation begins!  

But first, let me tell ya about my experience getting here. 
So, I'm a little stuffy today, no more sore throat so that's good... However, I was woken by 3:00am EST phone calls from Delta Airlines.  I, of course, ignored them and tried to go back to bed.  When my alarm went off and I actually decided to get out of my warm, cozy bed, I found an email from Delta Airlines stating that they had cancelled my flight and put me on XXX Flight to Atlanta departing at 6:24am.  Well that was still fine, because my original flight was supposed to leave at 6:15...
  My first flight was delayed an hour to de-ice the plane :(
 When I arrived in Atlanta (AKA The largest and busiest airport in the nation) it was 9:15... HA! My "new" connection flight to LA was leaving at 9:40.  
Needless to say, I was SPRINTING through the airport trying to find this phantom gate E11!!    Every time I passed a Tran, it didn't have a train in it, and wasn't going to have one for at least 1 minute 30 seconds - my stubborn mind thought I could run faster then that, so I tried.
By the time I found my plane, got my boarding ticket, made my way to my seat... The Flight Attendant told me that there was zero space in the over head compartments for my luggage!  Perfect!  I had to treck all the way back up the Delta A330 and put my luggage in the TALLEST over head compartment on the face of the planet. 
I get back to my seat and I literally feel like Kate Winslet in The Holiday - I'm smooshed in the center aisle between the two largest men I've ever seen.   Great, so not only am I disgustingly sweaty from running the Atlanta Airport 
Marathon, but now I have to try to act composed between these two very large men. 
So the plane is landing in Los Angeles, I get my things, I call the Hotel and make sure the shuttle will be there to get me and then I realize I'm on the wrong floor of LAX.  I take the escalator down
and I see a Hacienda bus standing there loading right where I should be!  I start screaming  "WAIT, HACIENDA, WAIT!!!!" (No, joke)  I was screaming, people where starring, it's quite funny now looking back. 
Ok, after all of that, I managed to make it here safely.  I did a bunch of reviewing on the plane, I
am maybe going to nap now, or try to relax and visualize....  Kelly will be here in a little bit and then we can quiz, practice and get some dinner :) 
Ta ta for now 


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