Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hi, and Welcome!

First I'd like to explain the title of this blog... If you're not an Irish dancer and know what a 40 bar finish is, then you'll probably care to know;

The 40 bar finish is what a lot of the group dances (or Ceili's) finish with, it takes 40 bars of music in and of itself to complete.

I leave in 3 days for Los Angeles, California to take the most nerve wrecking and strenuous exam I've ever had to take in my entire life. The T.C.R.G. Examination, which consists of 4 sections, 2-3 days and about 12 months of studying. It's an emotional roller coaster if anything. The first night is the written and music section where you're tested on the basic knowledge of the Ceili Book, Ar Rinci Foirne, and all of the music that is played in Irish Dancing. The second day you have your own dancing evaluated. The third day, or in my case the evening of the second day, you are assigned at time to have your teaching evaluated. See the photo above of my personal Exam Schedule. Passing this examination means that we have one more certified instructor with the Commission in Dublin, Ireland. So much work for 4 little letters after your name. My two best friends and I run an Irish Dance school called, Mclaughlin-Goodwin-O'Shanecy Academy of Irish Dance (a.k.a MGOS Academy).

I may not be back until I'm actually "back" from taking the test, in which I'll be blogging all about California, the exam and my adventure trying to become a TCRG.

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