Thursday, January 27, 2011

thursday thoughts....

I sit at work today, and I probably should be working but I can't help thinking about a few things. 
My nail polish is chipping - that is just the absolute worst! I think I've almost finally conquered the biting my cuticals horribly disgusting habit, however I'm definitely less inclined to take a bite when my nails look presentable.    Last week in California the girls at the exam and I went for Mani-Pedi's and I picked a very adorable color for my nails.  It's like an iridescent blue purple, OPI but I don't remember the color name...  
I am listening to The Black Keys album Brothers today - it's so awesome!  I, once again, can indulge in pop culture music and books and life!  They're music is layered with intricate & blues inspired melodies with tough drum beats in the back ground.  Excellent! After I will move on to the new Kings of Leon album I purchased after Christmas, yet, haven't listened to yet.  :)

It's cold outside, and supposed to snow yet I'm dressed in...
Target black tank
blue no name long racer back tank from a boutique in Los Angeles
no name jeggings from Marshalls
grey shorty cardi from Old Navy
black BCBG open toe booties

happy thursday...xoxo

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