Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Positive Thinking...

I woke up this morning with a sore throat!!!  NO! 3 Days, my body only had to last 3 more days! 

So, I'm fiercely drinking tea, orange juice and water trying to reconcile the situation!  I still feel like I have work left to do in the Ceili information department, my teaching needs practice and so do my steps!  I cannot be SICK 1 day before the most important two days of my life thus far!   Think positive thoughts Nina, you are NOT sick, you WILL do this and you WILL rock it.

Ok, with that said - packing... ugh!  Packing what a daunting thought.   So I have 2 days of pure vacation after my exam is finished, so that means I have to pack vacation clothes/shoes as well as my dance outfits.  Will it all fit in my carry-on size luggage?   I am not really willing to check a bag and chance my dance shoes getting lost in airport land, or where ever it is your luggage goes when it gets lost.   We shall see...  On a more positive note - I do know that my luggage will include these awesome buys from Target yesterday.

I found these beauties in the clearance shoe aisle at Target.  Of course, I was super lucky and they were the last pair, in my size, and marked $7.49
They are Dolce Vita for Target  The line is gorgeous and completely affordable. 

What also went home with me is this adorable Pink Lace Tank.  I bought a large vs. a medium or small, because I wanted it to be a bit over-sized. 
I put the cream shirt back when I found the shoes!  But this Pink Lace Lovely cost me a mere $7.50 off the clearance rack! 

So here's the piles before they get crammed in my suitcase. 
1 Pair of Heels, 1 Pair of Flats, Hardshoes and Soft shoes
2 Running Skirts
2 Running Tops
2 Pair opaque black tights
1 Pair of Jeans
2 Pair of Jeggings
1 Pair of Black leggings
1 Jacket
3 Tanks
1 3/4 sleeve Top
and on the very end, my poncho, yoga pants and long sleeve T I will be traveling in.   

Now I'm off to complete the rest of my To Do list.
1. Pack - check
2. Clean up apartment so I don't come back to a disheveled mess - Check
3. Practice Sets and Steps
4. Practice Teaching
5. Rest, rest, rest.

Stay warm, be cool


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