Monday, January 24, 2011

Home Sweet Home.

Yesterday I relaxed and lounged in the sun, bought a NEW BOOK to read.  Something, anything that didn't have silly names like The Waves of Tory, and Trip to the Cottage in it would suffice.  However, I chose the new Dan Brown novel, recently out in paperback, "The Lost Symbol".  By the way, I absolutely loathe paper back books.  There is something about a hard cover... it just feels better in your hands.  Also, as far as kindle or nook's go... I think they are incredible, but I do get some sense of accomplishment and happiness as I turn the page to move onto the next...   

Anyways, this morning I woke up in sunny California and it was approximately 50 outside and it was 4am!  I get off the plane in Rochester NY and it was 15!  Ahh, that's the end of January though... it doesn't last long, but it's getting to the point where I'm a little tired of the cold.   After Chris picked me up at the airport, we went for some grub at Beale St Grille in the Wedge.  I had a delicious Cajun Blackened Catfish sandwich!  It was so good!!  Chris had the Gumbo, which is always delightful.   The rest of the evening is just for R&R before I head back to the day job tomorrow.  

Here are some photos from my relaxing day yesterday.

another note - THE STEELERS ARE IN THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!! 

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