Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Santa Ana...

The Santa Ana winds are strong, extremely dry offshore winds that characteristically sweep through Southern California and northern Baja California in late fall and winter. 

 Last night I finished the T.C.R.G Exam. ((SIGH))

So, today I started my two day vacation and relaxation back to my LIFE!

Kelly, Hailey, and I went for a walk down to the mall and shopping area.  It wasn't really a mall, in the traditional sense, it was a plaza.  We found this CUTE little boutique and found a 50% off sale rack (photo's of items to come).  We also went to this nail salon, where we saw Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain getting mani/pedi's.  We also got our hands and feet pampered, and it was truly delightful.   

It's so gorgeous here this week, the Santa Ana Winds have really brought in that warm, and summer feeling air.  The sky is blue every day, I have not seen one cloud!  It's such a nice change from the drab and sub-freezing Rochester NY.  

Just a little tid-bit into my day.  Enjoy yours.  

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