Wednesday, December 18, 2013

all the world is a stage

tank - old navy // chambray - old navy // pants - express, capri editor // shoes - target

So said Shakespeare - which means, you wear sequins on a Tuesday.  Despite how I look in the "side" shots, I'm not pregs.  Promise.   It would seem layering a stiff sequined top over a button down leaves less than to be desired, let's call them, wrinkles in the front tummy area.   
I also did that crazy blogger Starbucks Cup Pose thang.  I couldn't help it it was 4 degrees out this morning!!  That also explains the look on my face in some of these shots.  "Oohhhhh holy crap it's cold, hurry hurry hurry camera so I can put my 40 below parka back on".  

Happy Hump Day!! 

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