Thursday, December 19, 2013

what's in my bag with kusilife

cosmetic bag - kusi life c/o // handbag - relic via marshals 

I love carrying around ginormous bags.  To avoid the embarrassing flinging of feminine products, floss, and gloss I conceal those items in a small cosmetic bag in my tote.  This saves space and those awkward moments when all you meant to grab was your keys or phone and a whole slew of items comes flinging out... heh. 

This gorgeous handmade cosmetic bag is the perfect accessory.  It's beautifully hand embroidered detail keep this chic and interesting while being the perfect size for all of my essentials.  
Kusi Life is a company that specializes in hand made peruvian pieces.  
They have an array of handmade products from belts and headbands to coin purses and cosmetic bags.  Make sure you stop by the Kusi Life Facebook page and scoop up a free shipping code!! 

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