Thursday, September 26, 2013

I can't, I have dance...

When I was a kid you only did one out of school activity.   You may or may not have been involved in other things within school, but typically only one outside activity.  For a lot of my childhood years it was soccer.  I wanted to be Mia Hamm.  But when I didn't get a lot of field time on the school team I started to drift away like anyone would.   At that point I had started Irish dancing.  It ultimately became my main focus outside of my school activities (show choir, drama club, soccer and indoor & spring track).  Eventually I stopped participating or trying out for the sports within the school district, Irish dance was/is pretty intense and I was suffering from some injuries.   I did this to focus on dance.  It was my life and all I wanted was to achieve the highest level of competition.  With my focus I succeeded and went on to compete at the Regionals and Nationals.  
The point to my story is that kids now-a-days are encouraged to do several activities.  To a point where they have to keep their own planner!   When are they kids?  What I struggle with as a teacher of an "extra" activity is the dedication to the sport or activity.   Irish dance was all I did, so that was all I practiced and focused on outside of school work.   I worry that the younger generations are learning to be jack of all trades and master of none.   That even though, yes, they tried soccer and gymnastics, Irish dancing, the violin... all of those things require 100% dedication in order succeed in them.   Are they learning to be half as good at everything instead of really good at something? 

Kind of a heavy topic for a Thursday but what are your thoughts?

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