Friday, March 4, 2011

all(most) ready to go...

Chris and I booked our flights to Ireland last night!  I am so excited!! Although it's going to be quite difficult for me to leave the fashion behind and really pack "light".  I don't really need to bring the fashionable clothes with me, afterall we will only be hiking around for 7 days.  It's still difficult to visit a place and not want to look nice while you are there.  I keep thinking, "but I want to..." and then immediately think, "but, it's not necessary".  I have to pretend it's a camping trip!  
I am just grateful that we are going soon, and I can power save!  Let's face it - just like Carrie Bradshaw, I like my money right where I can see it; in my closet!  But until May 17th I'm rocking my Frugal Frock and saving my pennies for arguably, the best trip of my life.  
I'm also a little excited and anxious to go away with Chris.  I don't think we've ever really spent that much time with... only eachother.  (DUM DUM DAAHHM)  Hopefully, it's a success and I don't drive him to dump me.  :) 
There is still so much to do.  We need a list of places we want to go, make sure our bus tickets are all set, book our tour spots (we are doing a tour of northern Ireland our last 3 days there).  Chris put me in charge of finding things "cool" to do.  What does that mean?  I've never been there - I guess I'll be googleing! 

On another note...
With St Patrick's Day around the corner, and all of the prepration that goes into that... I really want my exam results!!  Kelly emailed me today, equally anxious and nervous!  I've nearly convinced myself I've passed - but at the same time, the Irish in me says "expect the worst; you failed"! 
When, oh when will they be here!!?!?!?!
How can I feel so sure, yet so unsure about whether I passed or not.  The suspense is literally killing all of us.  Come on, An Coimisuin, TELL US ALREADY!

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