Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday's are not Friday's...

I always wonder why it may be that one of my blog ladies that I follow, wasn't able to get a fresh post up there for me to read. Now that I'm blogging myself I completely understand why.

If you're wondering why I disappear occasionally, it's because I basically work two full time jobs. I'm not complaining but it is tough. The Irish dance Academy is truly a dream come true and everytime we enroll a new student or one of our kids performs well at a show or a feis (competition), its a great feeling that we're one more step to being in there with the elites.

I'm headed to work; it's just been such a negative environment lately. I really am more of a positive thinker. Don't get me wrong, I can complain and vent like the next gal, but I always try to make the situation better. How can I improve my day today? How can I feel like I WANT to be there? Well, if it were Friday it may be easier!


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