Friday, March 11, 2011

Wearin' O the Green

Today embarks the busiest of my seasons.  St Patrick's Day.  It's a time for me to remember my Irish heritage, why I Irish Dance, and why I pass on the traditions.  

Tonight, the girls and I will be performing with the Dady Brothers, and that isn't something we generally this time of year.  We are usually trying to tame our St Pat's alter egos and whip the children into performance shape. We teach them the Irish National Anthem, and what it means to be a "soldier for Ireland", by strapping on their Ghillies and moving their feet (not their arms)!   Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love our students going out there and showing people what we've taught them.   Even though, once and a while we do step out and bust an Irish move,  we never really do many "shows" that are just us. Tonight's dance out with the Dady's is a wonderful way to start the week full of Irish festivities!  
Give me my hardshoes, a beer, a rueben and I'll be on my way!
I'm so excited to just DANCE!

Oh, and wish us luck! 



  1. Sounds incredible! Hope it went well and that you had loads of fun... How did I totally miss St Patricks Day this year?!! xx