Saturday, March 19, 2011

long weekends...

Are fabulous.

St Patricks Day went smoothly! Phew! ((wipes sweat off brow)). I am so proud of all of our students who participated in the 6 shows we did Thursday!! :)

That made yesterday a day for relaxation! It was about 55 degrees out and Chris and I started the day out by going to Pat's for breakfast. It is truly the cutest coziest place, only open for a short time during the day, I've only ever eaten breakfast there. The servers are like family and the atmosphere is like your grandma's kitchen!

For lunch we went down to a neighborhood we don't ever go into. We had a groupon for Swans German Deli. We both ordered the "sampler", which not really knowing much about German food I was quite scared of, and prepared to take some home. It was DELICIOUS! I had wonderful German potato salad, goulash, schnitzel with mushroom gravy sauce, a strange looking block of stuffing with a cut of pork and gravy that is making my mouth water is I type! I was so surprised that I enjoyed everything on my plate. We also indulged in a tort for desert which was cool and refreshing despite it's heavy, and rich appearance.

To top of the Friday food fest - corned beef, cabbage and veggies for dinner!! I actually don't mind cabbage, after all these years claiming I hated it.

So, today I will be taking a nice 5k run outside, because even though it's a little cooler than yesterday, the sun is shining. It's luscious and intoxicating brightness is calling me.

Hope your having sunshine and spring like weather!

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