Tuesday, March 22, 2011

monday night outings...

Last night, in between loads at the laundry mat, Chris and I enjoyed the AOH Happy Hour at Sheridan's Irish Pub.  The Guinness was flowing all night.   The food was great, although the server had to come back out and tell me they were out of Beef to make my Beef on Weck that I ordered :(   I went with the chicken portabello wrap instead.  Chris and I traded halfs, he ordered the veggie wrap.  Now, this plan would have been much more interesting had they still were able to deliver my beef sammy, because his veggie wrap was very similar to mine!  The Saratoga chips are amazing though!  Definitely prefer them over fries!  
I did try to play around with the manual focus settings on my camera - Chris wasn't really happy that I kept telling him to stay still...     Our friend Joe taught me a bit about the shutter speed, exposure, etc.   That will help....now if only I can trade in my own hand for a steadier one... 
happy tuesday, spring is almost here.

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