Monday, March 28, 2011

on the brink of spring...

As the weather goes from 16 to 28 to 32 to 45 back to 16... I am more and more, much like everyone else, longing for the warm outdoors.  A long walk with the sun scorching your skin, without the wind biting it that is...  I am yearning to wear my adorable and comfortable cotton skirts with plain t-shirts; going hiking or running in minimal layers.   I know, I know, stop complaining already; this does happen every year.  Cabin fever sets in around St Patrick's Day and since God graces us with gorgeous, sunny, spring like days, it's such a tease!  Because, back to frozen tundra it goes and out come the fuzzy boots and knits again.  We make claims to move to warm places, but let's face it... I like it here!  I'm not even sick of the snow, slush, and cold weather until the Calendar tells me it's "spring".   Eh, ok enough of my Negative Nancy attitude.  At least the sun is out!  :)  

How warm is it where you are?  Are you also longing, yearning, dying for spring? 

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