Friday, March 25, 2011

trying not to be dissapointed...

On Wednesday of this week we received a huge snow storm, and quite a few inches of snow!  It was such a let down after the week of St Patrick's Day, and the glorious weather we had to enjoy.  

I'm trying not to let it bring me down, but it's definitely amping me up for our vacation in Ireland in a month!
Here's the to do list:
1. book hostels
2. obtain sleeping bag from Mary
3. find some kind of inexpensive convertable hiking pant
4. save money despite all the wonderful spring lines coming out right now.
After all, I won't be able to wear most of it until we're back anyways!

In the mean time, I'm still waiting on TCRG Exam results.  Which is another thing I'm trying not to let bring me down.  Last night for the first time I had a dream that I received my results.  They came in the mail, they were in a manila envelope and appeared electronically produced; like SAT results.  I tore it open and it said "Pass".  :)   I'm hoping it was some kind of deluted premonition.  Supposidly An Coimisiun (Irish Dance Commission) is meeting this weekend, and we should find out by next week.  Still - this is only an assumption.   Everyone will know the moment I do - believe me.

For now, I just enjoy the rest of my Friday and get pumped for the weekend!


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