Sunday, March 13, 2011


The Parade was an ultimate success!! It was far more organized than previous years, and I actually think the kids had fun. I know I did! This coming from someone who loathed the parade. I never liked it much as a kid, although it's cool to say that you are in it, the weather rarely works out and you're sitting, standing, and marching in the cold.

It was an absolute pleasure! I am so pumped for Thursday (show list to come, for my local readers).

This morning Wendy, Mary, and I enjoyed a relaxing visit to the spa! It's always so great to revisit our non-dance friendships!

To top off this excellent weekend, check out this article in the Democrat & Chronicle we were featured in.

Pardon the link, I'm blogging from Le iPhone, and I have a ton of photos from opening ceremonies, the parade, and Celtic faire. So, keep a look out for my post with the best ones!


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