Tuesday, September 24, 2013

polar bear

Somebody at work yesterday asked me if I killed a polar bear last season...  
I just replied yes and walked away.  Then I laughed for a few uncontrollable moments because how ridiculous is that?   Anyways, yes I was wearing this very polar bear like vest.  This same vest prompted an argument with my sister about how faux fur vests are a staple in everyones closet.  I still stand by my answer; faux fur vests are a staple in your closet. 
I'm just pleased to comfortably wear faux fur!  
These pants are from Old Navy - at first I thought they looked really cheap, however after wearing them all day and seeing how they wear I find they look and feel great.   I would also like to share that I visited very ON in my area to find my size...  that's dedication.  

Have you done anything crazy to get a new trend piece?  

Top - Gap purchased from Instagram, similar
Vest - Charlotte Russe, similar
Pants - Old Navy
Shoes - Gap, similar

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