Thursday, September 5, 2013

back to school

Do you ever just wish you were back in Kindergarden?  That your only life problem was that Jimmy, the blonde boy next to you, stole your pencil and you were wanting to socialize instead of nap during nap time..?  Am I the only one!?  Sometimes life just throws these curve balls that make you just shout at the universe "REALLY?"  Is this real life...  Just makes you think, at five or six years old you really had no problems.  Life was so... easy.   My life is far from terrible, let's be honest.  But, I definitely go through rough patches and bad luck streaks like the next guy.   
Even Peter Pan grew up; didn't you see Hook? 

All of that thoughtfulness was prompted by the fact that I look like a Miami Dolphins loving school girl in this outfit.  Even though I rather like this dress, not sure my color scheme was the best. 
For the record, I'm a Steelers fan so wearing Dolphin's colors is just not acceptable.  Sorry not sorry. 
Yay for football this weekend!! Any other football watching gals out there?  How about Hook fans?  Bangarang? Rufio? 
Dress - Old Navy, similar fit 
Shirt - H&M, similar 
Loafers - Target

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