Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I just love the shape and style of this dress.  I felt like Jackie O walking around in this little frock at work.   It's funny, what people end up commenting on.  I typically think I look pretty well put together and sometimes it's my most outlandish ideas that seem to get the most compliments.  Like pairing the leopard heels with this tapestry 50's inspired dress.   So unexpected, yet so classic.

I'm selling some clothing on Instagram (@shopAT40BF).  Hoping to get ride of some closet purge items before my move.  Which, by the way - think I found an apartment and should find out this week whether it's going to be officially mine or not.  Pretty awesome since September just began. 

Also, my laptop screen was shattered in the accident; so, please pardon the random/late posts.  I'm not neglecting my blog, it's just difficult to work on a broken product :(  Hopefully I can get it replaced or repaired sooner rather than later. 

Hope you enjoyed your Labor Day long weekend :)

Dress - Forever 2, similar
Necklace - BrinaBox
Shoes - Target

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