Wednesday, September 4, 2013

a new generation?

Let's talk body piercings and tattoos.  Would you say in 2013 that they're appropriate in adult lives and in the work place?  I used to think that it was a teenager rebellious thing; but, I have a couple myself...  I used to rock a hoop in my nose, too!   Is it our generations way of "self expression"?  Is that why I cannot seem to take out my belly button piercing after (going on) 10+ years of it being there?  My stomach looks strange without it!?  
I tend to go for the less dramatic look and I switched out the hoop for this cute little stud that I had, but I'd love to rock a diamond on my nose.  What a statement that would make!  A little rose gold stud with some serious bling, like they have over at Fresh Trends?  Hell yes!  They definitely put a little more sophisticated twist on body piercings. 

What are your thoughts on piercings? 

Blazer - Arden B, similar
Tee - Target
Pants - H&M, similar
Booties - SoleSociety
Jewelry - Sira & Mara  

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