Friday, November 22, 2013

gifts for your guy for around $100

I always struggled with gifts for my dude friend.  Unfortunately for me, I typically date guys that just buy things that they want.  They don't gloat on and on about wanting something that they don't buy for themselves making it extremely difficult to pick out a gift for them!  So, I tend to go for the more odds and ends items.  Things they don't think they need.  
When I saw this table top foosball table I knew this would absolutely be something fun.  Have some people over, pop open a few beverages and you'll soon be challenging people for table top soccer matches. 
A great scarf is a must have for anybody, men and women alike.  I love this timeless fair isle pattern perfect for the hipster or the prepster. 
Everyone needs a good pair of slippers.  LL Bean has amazing selections and will typically repair over worn shoes when the fuzz on the inside starts going. 
A man always should wear a watch.  Even with how popular smart phones are these days, when you meet a man and he's wearing a watch it's a good sign he's typically on time.
A decent travel kit is a must have as well.  Men don't think they need cosmetics or toiletries let alone something to hold them.   

Have you decided what you're getting your man?  All of these items would be perfection given together or separate. 

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