Tuesday, November 5, 2013

get in my closet! v2.0

While I did pick up a few accessories this weekend, I am still on a mostly no shopping spree. And although I'd love to go and splurge on a few of these items; I must hold off.   Christmas is coming, you know!  (hint, hint on a few of these items Santa!) 

I need to get my hands on a cozy top with elbow patches - how adorable is this one from J.Crew?
I'm mad for plaid lately and I'm loving this fall colored jacket!
My riding boots are tired, although still wearable they have me wishing for a new pair!
CORDS! I cannot believe I actually want to wear them.  Isn't this color awesome? So versatile.
A large plum colored bag - jewel tones are just so rich for any season, but I love the idea of tossing all my essentials into this, slinging it over my head and running out the door.  Perfection. Then I'll have my hands free to carry around, oh I don't know, a latte? :)

Anything you're currently craving?

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