Monday, November 4, 2013

LOFT - my first grand opening

blazer - loft (similar) // tee - target // pants - old navy // shoes - target (these are arriving tomorrow!)

A couple weeks ago I attended the LOFT concept store opening in Greece, NY.  It was the first time I had been invited to a store opening as a blogger (or at all).  They are trying to reinvent parts of that mall and the LOFT store is one of the extension stores they just built.  I can definitely appreciate what they're doing there; the town definitely has the demographic for that type of store and I'm hoping that the fact that it does not open up into the mall is a benefit.  

As I entered (with my aunt and two sisters, of course) I was greeted by a multitude of people.  There was a DJ, signs welcoming people, girls walking around with apps and cocktails; it was truly like a party.  Once I found my correspondent she was so helpful - pointing me in the right direction, allowing me to take snaps of whatever I choose, she encouraged me to shop (der!) and even introduced me to the hostess, Monica (last photo).  

A few of their new arrivals that I'm adoring right now?
Leopard print in every shape and color. 
Stripes - der!
Amazingly chic sheaths that I cannot wait to get my hands on. 
Beautiful lavender, plum and rose colored tops!

If you're in the neighborhood go check out the new store. 
LOFT is also offering 50% select new arrivals online... ready, set, GO!

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