Tuesday, November 19, 2013

get in my closet!

This week's edition of "get in my closet" current cravings is short and sweet.  If you remember from last week, I did a bit of shopping and curbed some of those gimme feelings.   Now my sights are set on Christmas and gifting.  Not only would I love to receive these items but I'd love to give them!
I can't wait to share with you the gift guides I have coming up!!  My sisters and I do a gift exchange where we try every year to keep a secret and it always ends up coming out who has who.

Sara would adore this sweater.  It's her jam to dress a sweater up with leggings and boots or jeans and flats!
Morgan would love these fair isle leggings; with the reindeer and wintery print they're perfect for under combat boots and a tunic.
Ryan would do this statement necklace justice; she loves sparkles and I think this has just enough edge for her.
And I'll take the hat :)

Are you planning for holiday givings yet?

get in my closet

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