Monday, February 4, 2013

Boots of My Dreams

Today I had a half day from work.  Monday's are probably the best days other than Friday's to have half a day of work.  I don't think I'm speaking for myself in saying that you feel less like being there.   So naturally after my appointment I headed to the nearest Marshalls to "look".  **I have a problem, I know this**  I stumbled upon these Steve Madden booties, which are identical to what I've been "oohing, and ahhing" over online.   I have so many plans for you my new little pets **that's me talking to the boots...** 
This is also my first attempt at using the timer on my camera for outfit shots.  I need to play around with the auto focus, but I think I found a good spot to take some snaps until it's halfway decent outdoors. 

Scarf; Gift 
Earrings; Target
Striped Sweater; H&M
Jeans; Old Navy
Booties: Steve Madden

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