Friday, February 22, 2013

How to: Style a Fur Vest

This question came up when I forced my younger sister, Sara, to purchase a leopard printed faux fur vest a few weeks ago.  Every time we talk I am so excited to hear how she's worn it, just to be disappointed when she says "eh.. I just don't know about it yet..".   Bummer!!
It's a little out of the box, however I truly feel it's become a wardrobe staple.  I know Robyn over at Cleverly Yours agrees.  (Check out her post on wardrobe staples, extras and remixing.)
I strongly feel that you can rock it with any style in mind.  Rocker, preppy, funky, what have you...  This piece is functional and fashionable offering warmth and cute factor!

Here's my favorite ways to wear...

A few way's I've styled mine and Sara's.  (including a shot of my messy apartment!)

Here are some inspirations... 
Image Via Pinterest

Jill GG from Good Life for Less

...and Robyn from xoxo Cleverly, Yours

Have you tried a faux fur vest yet? If so, how did you rock it?

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