Thursday, February 28, 2013

30x30 Remix Challenge - March

I have decided to take the challenge! The 30x30 Challenge that is.  Have you heard of it?  It's pretty cool; one of my favorite bloggers Kendi Everyday thought of it to remember why she started style blogging.  She's completed this a few times and her results are amazing.  By results I mean outfits!

Step 1: Select 30 pieces of your wardrobe.  Accessories and outerwear excluded (I, especially, live in a climate where a blazer does not count as outwear).  Shoes, however, are included in your 30.
Step 2: For 30 days make 30 unique and fashionable outfits out of your 30 pieces.
**No shopping!

That last part will be the hardest for me!

I had found myself repeatedly saying "I need..." when truly I have a lot and don't need anything! So,  I'm choosing to do this to be more thankful of what I have and to spark some creativity with my current pieces.  Drum roll please, here is what I chose!

3 Button Downs
From Left to Right: White Oxford/American Eagle, Chambray/Old Navy, Light Blue/H&M

4 Dressy Tops
From Left to Right: Birdy/H&M, Cream Peplum/Express, Chiffon Polka Dot/Old Navy, Mint Silky/Old Navy

2 Sweaters
From Left to Right: Purple Crew Neck/J.Crew Factory, Beige Polka Dot/Old Navy

4 T-Shirts
Top Row: Pink Tank/H&M, Teal Tissue T-Shirt/J.Crew Factory
Bottom Row: Black and White Striped/H&M, White T-Shirt/Target

3 Jackets
From Left to Right: Black Blazer/Target, Denim Jacket/Old Navy, Navy and White Striped/Old Navy

2 Skirts & 1 Dress
From Left to Right: Black Jersey Pencil/Old Navy, Oxblood Jersey Mini/H&M, Green Jersey T-Shirt Dress/H&M

6 Pairs of Jeans
From Left to Right: Trouser Jean/Old Navy, Black Rockstar Jean/Old Navy, Dark Wash Skinny/Gap, Regular Wash Skinny/Gap, Pastel Pink and Teal Skinny/Target

5 Pair of Shoes
Top Row: Cowboy Booties/Steve Madden via Marshall's, Pink Ballet Flat/SoleSociety, Leopard Heels/Target
Bottom Row: Black Ballet Flat/Target, Grey Toms

There we have it, 30 pieces! 

So, out of my whole closet (which isn't very big anyways) I can only select from the above three places!  I'm actually stoked to go through this.  I did 5 drafts of my pieces.  Yes, 5 DRAFTS of what to choose which alone tells me I have far too much to choose from.

Have you ever tried anything like this?  

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