Monday, February 25, 2013

Cabin Fever

This weekend I finally left the house!  Ok, I lied.. I leave the house every day.  However, it's usually to then go and sit at my desk at work.  Not incredibly exciting.   After dance on Friday night the gals and I had a fabulous night.  We ate pizza, drank wine, laughed our butts off and just vented about our weeks.  It's definitely not often enough I see these ladies.  It's usually in passing, or when someone is in town, or while teaching dance your trying to catch up.  That can be tough! "Turn out more there, so yeah then at work today, no no no I mean really turn out and get up on the toes like you're in high heels!! So anyways, yeah work today... "  Not exactly setting a great example to focus while in class.  (heh)
Anyways, what a blast.  I've decided I'm not letting a month pass without a get together with them! 

Saturday after some lovely relaxation and 30x30 Remix Challenge planning (coming soon!) I met up with a girlfriend from work for dinner.  What a hoot.  Well, actually we had incredibly poor service at dinner but that just made the night more interesting.  By the time the waiter actually remembered to bring out the chips and salsa we were so starved we must have looked like we hadn't eaten for a week!   

So, this is what I wore.  I wasn't really planning on sharing this outfit but it actually worked out ok. 

Blazer: Target
Chambray Top: Old Navy
Shirt Dress: H&M
(I wore black tights and ankle booties since it's still the arctic...)

Then yesterday I got to see this guy!

Literally the cutest ever.. :) 

How was your weekend? 

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