Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Shopping!

I tried to limit myself to $100 this month.  However, there were two things I could not live without - the skirt from J.Crew Factory and the flats from SoleSociety.  They were also my most expensive pieces.  Not too shabby.  I'm sharing this now however, to keep me in line.  I share my purchases with you to not only see how I stretched my money but to keep myself accountable.

So if you read my shopping tips in my last post you would know that I went in with a list.  The list had the following items:
Mint Jeans
Bold Crossbody, Statement necklace, or fun scarf
Floral dress or skirt
Tweed jacket

Only one of which I found in the stores.  I definitely missed the mint jean opportunity doing my remix challenge (HUGE sad face).   Every store I've ventured into is completely out of them in my size.  As well as a tweed jacket - Target had a few but I wasn't crazy about the style.  In lieu of a crossbody bag I opted for a clutch.
april shopping

Neon Green T,  $8
Clutch, $17.49
Skirt actually purchased in Yellow, Used a coupon code and got it 30% off $41.65
Flat, $49
Chambray Dress, on clearance in the store! $14.99
Floral sundress not pictured, $20
Leopard Belt (not pictured) $16.99

Total - $168.12

I'm pretty happy with the pieces I've gotten.  I feel that they are worthy additions to my closet to keep it workable.

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