Saturday, April 6, 2013

Weekend Workout & Workout Wear

I really hope the weather is cooperating for all of you!  If so, get outside - take a hike! But, do this workout first.  A hike in the crisp spring air is the perfect "cool" down.

Warm up with 30 seconds of each:
High Knees
Jumping Jacks
Jump Rope (sub jumping jacks if you don't have a rope)
High Knees (yep, again!)

Circuit 1:
1 min Plank Hold
30 sec Plank Jack
1 min Push Ups
30 sec Mt Climbers
1 min sit up

Circuit 2:
1 min Alternating Front Lunges
30 sec Squat Jumps
1 min Pike Push Ups
30 sec V Sit Ups
1 min Alternating Side Lunges

Circuit 3:
1 min Wall Sit
30 sec bicycle
1 min Dips
30 sec Russian Twists
1 min Donkey Kicks**

Cool down by stretching each muscle group for 10-30 seconds each.  Drink LOTS of water and eat clean!

weekend workout & workout wear

Shop this workout look:

**New Move - check out my workout how to page for instructions! 

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