Monday, April 29, 2013

sports fan

Sports Luxe is a look I don't consider for myself often.  To me it looks a little off, too edgy or risky...   I could certainly try to pair my hot pink Nike running shorts with dainty heels and a cute top, but honestly it's not me. 

This look, however, is me; I was a huge tomboy as a kid!   I still enjoyed playing dress up in my mom's old bridesmaid dresses like any other little girl but my dad and I had a special sports bond.  All us girls learned how to throw a baseball (and now a football!) and played soccer.   In the 90's when Tiger made the game of golf popular to the everyday man I really got into watching golf with my dad.  The Rider Cup was always my favorite.... something about those Euro's against us Yanks got me excited.  Dad taught me how to play golf and now that is also something I love to do once the nice weather hits! 

This is sounding like a Father's Day post, but truly I love this sweatshirt and this outfit was the most comfortable thing outside of yoga pants (which I don't advise wearing out of the house).  

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and
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Sweatshirt - Victoria's Secret, find VS yanks apparel here
Jeans - Gap via eBay
Shoes - Nine West via Marshalls, similar

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